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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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services. the took up officers of both parties democrat and republican - >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello, i'm sherman i have a paragraph. as you know to stop the organ harvesting. what if you're wife or family member or your people actually went to the organ harvesting are you going to sit quiet. would i like to sit safely. and please i'm asking you if you
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keep silent and quiet which means you allow the harvesting of organs is correct but i don't think you guys agree with that. please free up your people. please become a co- sponsor or support is the reds 228 >> thank you. any other members of public wish to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues i'd like to go back to the 230 accomodation >> i don't see my guy in the room but have scalding asked him to return. >> great why don't we go to the calendared and a item 6 through 8 are being considered for immediate adoption a single roll
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call a motivator maybe removed and considered separately. any items to be severed >> item 8. >> madam clerk call the role (calling names). >> those motions that approved. madam clerk call item 7 >> the 2013 of a local emergency and the actions taken place. >> colleagues i want to brief speak in support of resolution
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to concur of the emergency that was in response to the room firefighter that's still burning. as you know it calls for the board of supervisors to ratify this. we should all be proud of the way this fire was handled. i was incredible impressed. i want to thank mayor lee who moved to protect our waterpower and i know the fire chief and his wife and rec and park to provide an update of the fire and discuss the water and power update. i want to acknowledge the hard work of the number of the city departments that are vested.
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the public utilizes commission have tried to protect the water supply and protect the services. i say this last weekend and the incredible staff and operations they have full-time 24 adheres a day. their staffed here in the city and they're up coming facilities have been working around the clock and they deserve our thanks. the san francisco fire department have sent several strike teams to protect the water assets they've done an incredible job and they've exhausted. our rec and park department have kept the staff to help protect the properties and the
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firefighters. the fire came and i'm sure we got the updates within 1 eight of the property and san francisco families can continue to use the camp and make memories for generations to come. i want to thank the department of emergency and management the multiple city departments and keeping the city for the record o informed and lastly thank the planning department so we can begin the process of collecting costs. i want to ask my colleagues to support this. it is an essentially step to make sure we have the opportunity to gather the resources and insure argue federal and a state endorsement.
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i for this. thank you. i want to echo your comments of thanks to all the first responders and emergency personnel >> i'll be supporting the resolution and i think it's it is so important to recognize the public servants who really address and are beating this fire. public servants smoking guns sometimes take a beating in the press and it's times like these that so many city employees are dedicated to the city and to the whole bay area. and specifically the - fire
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department have done a terrific job like in arizona we saw huge risks. so we really need to instantly honor them and remind ourselves how for this work is. i want to acknowledge our public utilities commission. we take for granted the water we get throughout san francisco and we take for granted the electricity and other functions we get from the puc. the fact we didn't have any interruption and we continued to get clean water and the electricity they found a way to a make sure there was no
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disruption to our electricity entry. it speaks volumes of the puc to delivery those critical utilize services. i also want to streets how thrilled so many people are that the camp was a saved. many san franciscans may not even you know what the camp is but it's an absolute jewel of the city and so many families have been going there. so many of us were terrified. once you lose it, it's hard to get back. but i'm very, very happy that generations which san franciscans about continue to be able to use the camp.
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and a supervisor. i don't want to belavish the point but i said to sober myself with the comment of supervisor farrell and wiener. i'm also very impressed by the work with respect to the puc are i know the staff is capable and for me it was useful to get the updates we've been getting and i think that people have been working extremely steel hard to make sure that the basic functions of water and power continue by in the end we protect our assets. i'm grateful to our firefighters. it's a scary thing to feet a fire and people are literally putting their lives on the line.
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and besides thanking the mayor and his staff i also want to thank supervisor farrell. i think that's important that the board and mayor's office are unified in this so i'm happy to support it. thank you, colleagues and with that can we take those items same house, same call. without objection this is proved. madam clerk call the imperfect agenda. offered by supervisors a resolution honoring the life of joe's and declaring september 6th a day of remembrance honoring him in the city and county of san francisco >> thank you, colleagues supervisor wiener as made a
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recommendations can i have a motion. any public comment open this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. what we take this item same house, same call >> madam clerk read the memorials. >> the accommodations and a i'm sorry i'll go back. >> but it is appropriate to end our meeting with a farewell to someone whose been an important part of the san franciscan community. a couple of people have spoken about this individual but we want to acknowledge mark who has been a long time staff member
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for his work and advocacy. supervisor breed game an accomodation and i'm sure a couple of the supervisors want to say a couple of things. mark thank you very much for the work. you reminded me we met on the bike coalition first day. at that time, i couldn't bike so we had an extra cycle to the middle school. they had all those - what would you call those routes? and kind of active routes for the students to learn how to bike and there was a program where the students could do. it was an amazing day and
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program. we're just superfluous sad you're leaving us for los angeles but there is so much work to be done there. we want to acknowledge your work here. and the raining geek of august 2008. we've had the opportunity to work with you and i don't think at any time an over statement that the city a losing a terrific advocate for transit equality and a satisfactory environment for everyone. i can attest to that because i bump into him at birthday parties and there's never a moment he didn't talk about the opportunity to do for transit equality and bicyclists arrest we're excited to work with you on signed street. we want to thank you for coming
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to the tenderloin. it's amazing what with he can do with open space and what it means to close a spates for a car free neighborhood. i know it was heartwarming. supervisor mark mentioned it mark is leaving formula this thursday and he's you hosting a happy hour but i think it's important to recognize iowa what he's done. he worked to leave the charge on the masonic in district 57 where he personally brought many people and we want to thank you for that. i spear heated the bicycle education and take the many, many thousand kinds of the and over 12 hundred taxi drivers.
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he spurred the core overlooks in a partnership with the sfmta as well as fought for the bike lanes. he affectionate to help minnesota drivers share the road. mark as his powerful advocacy will be missed by the his racing buddies are that i want to read this proclamation that's been signed. whereas mark has been a member of the bicyclist coalition and began his career as the geek and traffic champ and mark is a beloved member of the san francisco community who's starting a new charter departing
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september 5th where he's helped traffic citywide. whereas mark has spearheaded the bicycle program and he led the bike corals and made a video to teach people to drive safely on the road. we do hereby commend and over this award as well as wishing him well, as he relocated. our office is calling for a hearing on how sfpd to look into bicyclist accidents.
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i can't tell you highway that small thing you did how i went around to the businesses and asked for videotape we wouldn't have shown where the truck driver was at fault and it would be been put on the bicyclists. i think that will push our city to investigate and we do investigations and practices to make sure we're bringing justices and a paying respect to the families. i want to thank you personally >> (clapping) >> thank you supervisor. >> there's a long roster after me. >> there's a long roster mark and many of our colleagues want to say a few words.
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i am saying i appreciate our service as well as all you are work to build a responsible biking community in san francisco. i hope as we miss you i hope you'll bike back and maybe someday coming come back to san francisco >> thank you, president chiu and thank you supervisor kim for acknowledging mark as well as the great work in san francisco. a lot of things were mentions about what a you've done but i want to highlight last week. you gotten in the paper for our work showing there wasn't enough investigation done, in fact, no vegetates and that b will create a change. we know that when it comes to
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bicycle accidents the san francisco police department will be more alert. it's unfortunate that we had to take those steps about how investigations will be conducted. the other thing i want to mention personally for me which is really beneficial. you actually taught my son how to ride a bike and was really you afraid taboos of at valencia public streets in 2011 you took his peddles off the bible and it was only one week later, he put the peddles back on and he was taught to ride a bike. i want to thank you for way
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you've define for my family and i know you've done that for prolapses thousands of people. and this is something that be last forever. thank you and i wish you all the great success whatever i do in los angeles it's a city that needs leave help. congratulations >> supervisor breed. >> i also want to, of course, echo the comments of my colleagues by mark losing you to los angeles is definitely a tremors loss to our city. although they need your help you, tell you they've got a lot of work for you are that i think san francisco is far advanced
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because of people like i who engage in making sure that you understand the codes ease what to say and highway to communicate the message but you're very good about helping people to understand why you think things can change or how we can work together. i appreciate our diplomatic approach to try to get the changes for our city. understandable those changes need to happen but you have a smile and i appreciate you keeping us update where you live and the problems we face. i mean it's a hard decision to push this thing forward with so many constituents who live in
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the proximity so to work with us to say look this is important and this is why and keeping folks update t is truly important. so i hope we'll get the void filled as a result of losing you to los angeles. i'm happy your moving forward. i know you're going to miss san francisco. i do have a certify of honor for you not as a constituent of your district but helped to move the bike lanes forward. to have your advocacy has helped to us to get many of the projects accomplished. so i'm really going to miss you and working with you.
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i want to thank you for your service and mention a couple of things that folks don't know because we've had conversations and your quick to cite different coincides. wire extending our highest accomodation in becoming to citing the conversations about safety and a schaffering the road and over loading the 311 with passport calls. and chasing down bike thieves and joining the elite code of people who can quote the code
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book. we wish you the very best and please don't be a stranger >> mark i don't know to repeat all the things but i wholehearted concur. i think one of the most robust and existing bike infrastructure systems in the city i'm very grateful to you and & the tremendous work you've done. what's been expressive about you is the compassion but the professionalism and the tack and diplomacy in which you approach your job. it's been expressive to watch. i know that san francisco loss is l.a.'s gain.
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they need you more but let me say i think that all of us will remember our contribution. i think that our paths will cross again in san francisco. best of luck to you. last but not least >> i'm not going to miss your tweets in the middle of the night when people get hit by cards. but with the bicyclist coalition you've been tremendous in believe up the grassroots but working with the coalitions and aligns as others said i've enjoyed our laugh and something like speaker you make advocacy kind of fun supervisor kim said as well. i want to say it's been a
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pleasure on the bike thefts and a stuff. but i didn't think - i'll do my best to get down and see you. thank you, thank you, thank you so much mark for everything you've done for san francisco >> with that supervisor kim and a well, i think this is the last so i hope we can do the photograph after the preths. my first year in office he helped me craft a lot of e-mails to our constituents. you go above and beyond and you spent a lot of our off hours helping san francisco >> mark you want to speak. >> i feel i need to say.
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normally i'm asking you for a lot approve this bike lane and so forth. it's an honor to be up here and perpetrate all my asks. whether it's more bike parking or more innovative parkways to protect the people riding and encouraging the people who will be riding in the future whether older or i did not know folks or for example, one the projects we educated an 87-year-old how to ride a bike and she's a resident of district 4 actually of supervisor dancing district. we h have a lot of folks that have a better life ways you receive the fund for the transmission authority.
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you make sure this happens to prove san franciscans to get around san francisco so thank you for your leadership over the years. i look forward to returning sometime in the future >> and madam clerk, please read merlz. >> i didn't today will be adjourned for the late ms. ruth and on behalf of the full board of supervisors for the late empress the first jew low the window norton. >> and with that madam clerk is there any more business. >> that clicks our business mr. president, and a ladies and gentlemen, we're
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>> 7 and a half million renovation is part of the clean and safe neighbor's park fund which was on the ballot four years ago and look at how that public investment has transformed our neighborhood. >> the playground is unique in that it serves a number of age groups, unlike many of the other properties, it serves small children with the children's play grounds and clubhouses that has basketball courts, it has an outdoor soccer field and so there were a lot of people that came to the table that had their wish list and we did our best to make sure that we kind of divided up spaces and made sure that we kept the old features of the playground but we were able to enhance all of those features.


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